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Laparoscopic Endoscopic Surgical Science the shadows of russian: soviet and post-soviet cinema as course and discourse [ALRJournal]
ALRJournal. 2020; 4(8): 126-130 | DOI: 10.14744/alrj.2020.70188

the shadows of russian: soviet and post-soviet cinema as course and discourse

Aygul Restamovna Salakhova1, Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna Sergeeva2
1Kazan Federal University
2Justus Liebig University Giessen

The present work addresses the problem of the conceptual content of “Soviet” / “Russian” cinema phenomena in terms of teaching visual anthropology (the course of Russian cinema in the didactics of RFL). The objectives of the study were determined by the practice of a distinct juxtaposition of meanings when thy use named adjectives as applied to cultural objects of different historical stages, in particular to films. The hypothesis that the boundaries of Russianness and Sovietism can be partly determined through cultural stereotypes and the values that are accumulated in the form of concepts and are subsequently reflected in linguistic and cultural phenomena was verified by analyzing the contact of specific discourses of individual films from the "golden fund" of the Soviet and post-Soviet period. We used general philological methods of transformational analysis, contextual and conceptual analysis, as well as a private method of intertextual analysis to test the hypothesis and solve the tasks, involving the analysis of meanings associated with the concepts put in the title. The research revealed that the verbal and non-verbal signs presented on the screen regularly appeal to the content of the cultural discourse, the elements of which are dynamically developed, transcoded and supplemented, complicating the discursive content for the representative of Russian identity outside the era (Soviet ↔ Russian). They also studied the cases of the “Russian” cultural code interpretation in cinema, identified with a fundamentally different cultural specificity, appealing to the emotional memory of native speakers of another language, as well as culturally significant stereotypes and frames outside the Russian language consciousness (Russian - non-Russian).

Keywords: film studies, cinema studies, soviet cinema, post-soviet cinema, film discourse, Russian as foreign language

Aygul Restamovna Salakhova, Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna Sergeeva. the shadows of russian: soviet and post-soviet cinema as course and discourse. ALRJournal. 2020; 4(8): 126-130

Corresponding Author: Aygul Restamovna Salakhova, Russia
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