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Laparoscopic Endoscopic Surgical Science Passionaries in early works by m. Gorky [ALRJournal]
ALRJournal. 2020; 4(9): 107-111 | DOI: 10.14744/alrj.2020.53765

Passionaries in early works by m. Gorky

Olga Nikolaevna Goryacheva, Dilyara Ajratovna Salimzanova
Kazan Federal University

The article concentrates on the cultural and ideological priorities of projecting “new man” in the early Soviet period. Transformation of the political and spiritual life of Russia at the turn of the 20th – 21st centuries and the formation of Soviet literature are associated with the work by Gorky. His early works develop a new type of character, experiment in genre structure, there is a search for “our” theme, and the choice of the individual style of the writer can be traced. The characters are original. They are inspired by the ideas of community service, which provides literary critics with an opportunity to study the genesis of Gorky’s work under paradigm of Soviet culture. Personal characteristics of the “new people” of the late 19th century can be identified as passionate, according to Gumilev’s doctrine of ethnogenesis, only in the 20th century. Interest in a “new type of person” who could worship to the idea accompanied Gorky throughout his life, representing the ideological and aesthetic basis for literary activity. The research relevance is linked with understanding the meta-subject field of the study of literature. External natural events stimulate changes in society, and creative personalities fixing transformations in poetic and prosaic forms are the first to grasp this. With all the obvious correspondence of Gorky’s characters to passionary characteristics, there were no attempts in literary criticism to apply the theory of ethnogenesis to Gorky’s early stories, which determined the novelty of the study.
The practical implications of the study of the phenomenon of “new man” lies in identifying the qualitative characteristics of “passionarity” in the characters of the works, specific features, forms and methods of creating their images, with consideration for ideological context of Gorky’s early works.

Keywords: passionarity, prose, Soviet literature, a new type of character, early works.

Olga Nikolaevna Goryacheva, Dilyara Ajratovna Salimzanova. Passionaries in early works by m. Gorky. ALRJournal. 2020; 4(9): 107-111

Corresponding Author: Olga Nikolaevna Goryacheva, Russia
Manuscript Language: English
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