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Laparoscopic Endoscopic Surgical Science linguoculturological features of proverbs concernibg nature in the german language [ALRJournal]
ALRJournal. 2020; 4(8): 82-86 | DOI: 10.14744/alrj.2020.32848

linguoculturological features of proverbs concernibg nature in the german language

Ildar Khamzovich Safin1, Alina Eduardovna Rakhimova1, Albina Fanilevna Mukhamadiarova1, Anna Sergeevna Shingareva2, Zarema Mukhtarovna Zaripova1
1Kazan Federal University
2Lomonosov Moscow State University

The realities of the present day determine new trends in the study of language and culture, their influence on each other, as well as the studies results introduction into the foreign language teaching methodology. In modern studies of language and culture, such scientific direction as linguoculturology is becoming more advanced. Linguoculturology, as a scientific direction, is intended to reveal the peculiarities of lexical units both from the linguistic (language) side and from the cultural side. The results of these studies, while being synthesized, make it possible to carry out full and objective consideration of certain linguoculturological units. One of the informational units for linguoculturological research is the proverb. Proverbs, being a popular statement that is general obnoxious, recommending and motivating, are the brightest representatives for these types of studies. Thus, research into the linguoculturological features of nature concerning proverbs gives us the opportunity to study the nation life and culture.

Keywords: linguoculturology, proverb, culture, paremiological fund, linguistics

Ildar Khamzovich Safin, Alina Eduardovna Rakhimova, Albina Fanilevna Mukhamadiarova, Anna Sergeevna Shingareva, Zarema Mukhtarovna Zaripova. linguoculturological features of proverbs concernibg nature in the german language. ALRJournal. 2020; 4(8): 82-86

Corresponding Author: Ildar Khamzovich Safin, Russia
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