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Translators in Disguise: The Profile of Polish Unofficial Audiovisual Translators [ALRJournal]
ALRJournal. 2021; 5(10): 49-57 | DOI: 10.14744/alrj.2021.59913

Translators in Disguise: The Profile of Polish Unofficial Audiovisual Translators

Michal Organ
Department of English Studies, University of Rzeszůw, Rzeszůw, Poland

The study aims to provide some general information on the people who provide unofficial audiovisual translations in Poland. The phenomenon of unauthorized audiovisual translation is on the rise and several translation groups specializing in this type of translation have emerged. Their members as well as some individual translators publishing their works on the Internet are the target of the analysis. The conducted online survey encompassed over 50 questions discussing, inter alia, such issues as the previous education of respondents, especially their involvement in potential courses and classes usually associated with translation, the source of their translation knowledge and skills, further plans for enhancing their translation skills, translation experience and occupation performed on a daily basis, the most frequently translated types and genres of audiovisual materials, their attitudes towards delivered translations, their preferred translation software, sources of obtaining audiovisual materials to be translated, the publication process, ethical issues connected with legal aspects of their translation activity, cooperation with other translators, groups of translators and other people involved in the process, etc. The information provided by a group of Polish unofficial audiovisual translators allowed the description of the current general profile of a typical Polish translator performing unauthorized audiovisual translations.

Keywords: Audiovisual Translation, Fansubbing, Unofficial Translation, Unauthorized Translation

Michal Organ. Translators in Disguise: The Profile of Polish Unofficial Audiovisual Translators. ALRJournal. 2021; 5(10): 49-57

Corresponding Author: Michal Organ, Poland
Manuscript Language: English
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